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Anti-Aging Effect

Improves face lines, roughness caused by dry conditions and enhances the cell metabolism while slowing down skin aging.

Face Slimming Effect

CO2 is generated through the mask and gel, it gets absorbed by phospholipids layers. Skin tissues become densified and slimming effect takes place.

Anti Inflammatory effect

Co2 improves natural healing and inhibits inflammation of acne, though it cannot be used to treat acne directly.

Moisturizing Effect

Carboxy Gel helps to maintain the balance of the skin oil and the moisture to enhance the texture and give it a healthier look.

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  We have been getting a lot of positive feedback equally from our female and male customers after using OxyGel masks. We also were able to see its visible effects directly after application. Those of our customers who have been using it on a regular basis are so happy with it, they always comment on how it has it all in a single package that they can take anywhere!

Our many thanks to EliteMed representatives who gave a very inforamative presentation of OxyGel mask and gave us an excellent deal as well! 


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Who said Genes have the final say? See how in 30 minutes you can turn your complexion to touchable baby soft once again. 

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OxyGel mask is a revolutionary way to utilize Carboxy facial therapy without invasive methods.

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